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About Us

Nigerian Society for Haematology and Blood transfusion was formally launched in Ibadan, in August 15, 1972. This noble society has indeed come a long way to become an established association that is poised to contribute both meaningfully and effectively in health care delivery not only in Nigeria but worldwide.

The mission and objectives of the society focusing on the needs of Nigeria, are to promote knowledge of blood and blood forming tissues. To provide a forum for the discussion and scientific investigation of Haematological and Blood transfusion problem; to encourage the setting up of blood banks and blood transfusion services throughout Nigeria and to determine minimum standards for such banks and services; to cooperate with organization, whether national or international, having similar aims and objective.

The NHSBT aims to achieve its goals by promoting the exchange of information between its members, other scientific organizations; public and private health institutions; by advocacy at national, regional and international level for the support of safe blood programs in Nigeria; presenting

professional opinion at consultative meetings on matters of haematological practice and policies in blood transfusion ; contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of haematology and blood transfusion and encouraging research and collaborative programs in manpower development, donor recruitment and general haematology and transfusion practice.

It is recognized that the discipline of Haematology and Blood transfusion in Nigeria faces unique challenges. Inadequate diagnostic facilities, transfusion transmissible infections have impacted not only on blood safety but blood donors, lack of infrastructure for blood component therapy and Blood transfusion systems that are often not sustainable because of lack of political will. Others are limited government support, and the absence of effective policy making and an appropriate regulatory framework.